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Our Background:

Nick Andreas, the founder and President of Stacked Commerce, is a distinguished figure in the e-commerce and supply chain management realm. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey at just 14, Nick swiftly scaled his first e-commerce venture, achieving 6 figures in revenue by 2014 through platforms like eBay and Amazon. His aptitude led to the inception of J&J Marketing Enterprises in 2015, which under his leadership, generated revenues exceeding 10 million dollars across multiple e-commerce sites. In 2018, Nick's Maverace Mastermind Group, a coaching based accelerator for e-commerce sellers, marked a staggering $20M in its first year. By 2019, Nick had expanded his portfolio with Stacked SCM, shipping over a million packages and servicing multiple 9-figure companies. Fast forward to 2023, Nick's vision has led into a multi-million dollar e-commerce portfolio, with Stacked Commerce, a premier supply chain management center at the foundation.

Rob McGrath, the Chief Operating Officer at Stacked Commerce Inc, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in logistics-based operations. With a proven track record in supply chain management, Rob previously helmed a successful logistics company, where he showcased his adeptness in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. His foundational experience, however, was cultivated during his tenure at UPS. As a supervisor at this global logistics giant, Rob delved deep into the intricacies of operations and automation, gaining invaluable insights that he now channels into driving Stacked Commerce's mission of providing top-tier supply chain solutions.

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