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60 Days to double your ecommerce profit margins

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Tired of low ecommerce profit margins?

If your store is doing 1000 orders a month or more, and you’re ready to double your profit margins, click the link below to see the details of our new guaranteed profit offer.

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A dedicated eCommerce facility vertically integrated into your business

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Hey! I'm Nick Andreas...

Founder at Stacked Commerce. Over the last ten years I have been blessed enough to:

Generate over $25M of revenue through my own brands (not clients)

Generate over $100M of revenue through students & clients

Ship over 1 million packages

I share this to inspire you and demonstrate the potential of our proven Lean Vertical Integration Strategy, which has consistently doubled and even tripled e-commerce store profit margins

You'll be surprised what we can do for you

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"If you’re considering working with them in any capacity, they’re also experts at growing their own brands as well… These guys really know how to scale”

Nick Peroni | eCom Empires


Lean Vertical Integration 

The Lean Vertical Integration model offers the benefits of vertical integration into each facet of your company (including marketing & advertising) without the increased overhead costs.

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Stacked Commerce will directly integrate your business into our advanced US supply chain center, guaranteeing streamlined and prompt operations, with improved margins. We'll simultaneously incorporate your media buying, marketing and site optimization into our proven e-commerce frameworks. 


Our team will conduct a thorough audit to identify bottlenecks affecting your customer acquisition costs and refine your messaging & offers for maximum impact. We'll enhance your email and SMS strategies to ensure higher engagement and retention. Recognizing the power of recurring revenue, we'll either optimize your existing streams or assist in implementing new, effective ones. Additionally, we'll reoptimize your paid media buying to cut customer acquisition costs . 



Elevate your business by tapping into the benefits of our vertically integrated, USA-based facility. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, complete with industrial-sized print-on-demand machines and a robust global sourcing network, is designed to maximize your profit margins. By integrating your operations with ours, we streamline the journey from product sourcing to customer delivery, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. When you partner with Stacked Commerce, you experience the transformative power of optimized, vertically integrated profit margins.

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Nick Peroni - Founder Ecom Empires

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